Catherine Jenkins, a 26 year old part time university student finds herself at the epicentre of nightmare that gradually builds up to a horrifying reality . . .

Silent Nights - Nightmare into Darkness (web) is a remastered pilot to the popular paranormal survival horror series for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux, and will be a free web visual novel henceforth.

The Web version is completely free to read.

What readers can expect is a pure thriller that sheds light on the events leading up to the events the quickly turn a nightmare into pure darkness.

Silent Nights incorporates high quality stock imagery , sound effects and ambient soundtracks as a means to providing a compelling, captivating and genuine horror experience.

And with some guest appearances from actors and online personalities, Silent Nights - NID is a must have application in your digital novel library.


Your contributions will allow us continue the development of the Silent Nights Saga.

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  • Music by Kevin MacLeod.
  • Stock model Images by NikxStock.
  • Stock model Images by Carl Wharton.
  • Programming, Art, Story, Administration, Scripting, Design & Publishing by T.E.P (2016).
  • Web version critique Miss K-A.

T.E.P. (2016)

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Published82 days ago
StatusIn development
AuthorThe Emperor Productions
Tagsart-book, halloween, Horror, html5, Survival Horror, Vampire, Visual Novel, Zombies
Player countSingleplayer

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